Gene Macri 
Aquatic and Environmental Scientist

Gene Macri is an aquatic and environmental scientist. He has worked on streams from Henry's Fork of the Snake River to the limestone spring creeks of Pennsylvania. His expertise is in aquatic ecology, entomology, microbiology, fishery, phycology, environmental geology and environmental science. He is one of the few aquatic scientists with expertise in both spring creeks and Gene Macrifreestone streams including AMD (acid mine drainage). He is also a graphic artist and videographer as well as a professional photographer. His other passion of course is fly fishing. You may have read his story on Charlie Fox-Reflections with Charlie Fox in Limestone Legends which was published by the Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg. Gene was a member of the Letort Regulars and was a friend of the legendary Charlie Fox and others. Gene has also taught fly fishing and aquatic biology at The Masters Fly Fishing School held on Spruce Creek with his friend the legendary Lefty Kreh and others including Tom Zacoi. Gene and Dr. Jack Black along with Ralph Shires were the scientific team which were instrumental along with citizens and fishermen that closed the Big Spring Hatchery and thus began the return of one of the greatest Brook Trout Streams in the country. Gene has done more research on the streams in Pennsylvania than anyone in the state. He has also done the most work on the limestone spring creeks including Big Spring, The Letort, Falling Spring, Green Spring, and the Yellow Breeches. His fly fishing insanity includes 25 consecutive years of making the Green Drake hatch on Penns Creek before he missed one!

Gene also has a nonprofit, the last river and gamekeeper ( that helps citizens in environmental stewardship and protection of their resources. He also mainitains the popular websites:,, and his professional site He promised Charlie Fox that he would do his best to mainitain these streams and he is trying his best most of the time without funding. If you have any interests his work please contact him: gene(at) or use the form below:


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