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Fly fishing has changed and unfortunately not for the good.  America has become a nation of instant gratification and many people in the fly fishing industry have adopted this mantra.  I'm sorry to ruin the party but this won't work in learning or guiding on limestone spring creeks. No one can promise you trout because the fish gods can always be against you no matter what you do or throw at the fish.

The old Chinese proverb about giving a man a fish and you feed him for a day versus teaching a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime is what fishing spring creeks is all about.  I will teach you the techniques, approaches, and methods to fish these streams including Falling Spring which was my favorite stream growing up as a fly fisherman. Spring creek fly fishing is different and you should realize that. Fly fishing instruction and guiding on these streams is also different and much more difficult.

I don't promise you'll catch a thing although you just may hook and land  quite a few nice fish if the stars are in your favor.  But what I will do is show you what and how to be successful so the next time out you may not need a guide at all!  Too many guides don't wish to do this.  They want you to come back to them everytime.  I figure it this way if I teach you what to do then you'll tell your friends and perhaps I may get more business and furthermore, I make a friend or two.

I wish I could tell you how easy and how big the trout are that rise but that's for the suckers who believe the nonsense on the web and in print.  I have done all the scientific research on these streams so I think I know a little bit about them.

So if you want to learn how to fish Falling Springs or other limestone streams or just want some free info then please contact me. There is no charge and this website will be updated frequently to help you out.

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Late August to Late September

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