Limestone Fly Fishing:
Guide or Instructor?

Unlike the hordes of guides and would be fly fishing experts I give you the truth about what condition these streams are in and how much you need to know to fish and be successful on these streams.  Unfortunately, fly fishing has become a big business and it's now to the point that too many anglers are gullible and easy prey for some guides and so called fly fishing websites who promise things they can't deliver.  To put it bluntly fly fishing on most these spring creeks in the Cumberland and Franklin County Pennsylvania is not easy.  Most people need instruction not guiding on these streams.  Even many "so called experts" (whatever that is in the fly fishing these days) have an extremely hard time catching these fish and often will tell fly anglers that there aren't any trout in these streams or that they aren't not any good.  They try and send everyone to the Yellow Breeches because the stream is so heavily stocked and there are some dumb trout amongst all the fish in the stream. 

Furthermore, many of these so called guides and websites are touting what these streams were like when Fox and Marinaro wrote their books over 40 years ago.  I fished with both Charlie and Vince and most of these streams were starting to decline way back then. I'm also the biologist who has done all the research on these streams (and which is handily stolen without credit by a host of so called fly anglers, guides and websites). So the truth of the matter is that these streams just don't have the hatches they once did and therefore, these limestone spring creeks are actually harder to catch trout on now then they were when those classic books were written.

If you want instruction or guiding I can offer either but as I said most people need instruction.  If you learn to fish these stream it will be worth your while as compared to some who just tells you, "just throw the fly over there."



Late August to Late September

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