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We offer our free Limestoner Journal from our sister site,  We won't waste your time with junk. Our journal focuses on techniques, fly patterns, methods, and conditions of the Pennsylvania Limestone Spring Creeks.  The Limestoner Journal is in a PDF format.  You can view it using Adobe Acrobat Reader or you can even print it out.

Included in the journal will be recommendations on rods, reels, leaders,  and flies selected for the Pennsylvania Limestone Spring Creeks.  We will also review equipment from time to time with objective evaluations.  The Journal will include color photos, hatch charts (best insect analysis available), diagrams, and articles to help you succeed on these tough streams.  Remember you can believe the hype that too many other sites offer you or you can learn from the man who has fished these streams more than anyone in the last 35 plus years as well as the scientist who has done the research on these streams.

The journal is free.  We won't sale your name and you won't be bombarded with offers from 8 million websites.  The only info you get will be from us.  We value your privacy and respect your time when you sign up for our journal.

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Late August to Late September

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